Meet our leadership team

Nathan & Michelle Robinson       ELDER COUPLE    

"Nathan and Michelle view LifePoint Church as a family. Their desire is to facilitate God’s purpose  which includes seeing each member grow in their relationship with Jesus and be equipped for works of ministry.

Payton & Shelby Horne       YOUTH  PASTORS.         

“Payton and Shelby Horne strive to help create a Jesus-centric, safe environment where questions are welcome, fun is encouraged, and discipleship takes place among the youth at Life Point Church.”

Talib Davis                              WORSHIP  PASTOR          

"Talib’s dream for worship is to encourage an atmosphere where people can experience a romantic and spiritual exchange with God."

Ted & Sandy Olson                       ELDER  COUPLE.              

Ted and Sandra call Life Point their spiritual home, a community of believers who express their love for God and others. A place where biblical truth is taught and power of the Holy Spirit is evident. 

Our Leadership Structure

LifePoint Church is a non-denominational church that aims to have it's leadership structure as close to New Testament as possible.  We have a team of elders who are church members tasked with oversight of the financial, spiritual and community health of the church family.  The role of the elders is to guard, guide, and govern the church family as spiritual fathers and mothers.  The eldership team is submitted to proven apostolic people for relationship, imparting of wisdom to lead well, and accountability.  Like a good shepherd, elders care for, equip, and know the condition of the "flock".   Governmental decisions are not made based on a majority of votes, and the perspective and condition of the church body is constantly sought out.  The elder team trusts God's good favor to be on His church, and we are confident the Holy Spirit will always be consistent, faithful, and present to lead decision making.

Our deacons have been selected by the church body as they have been observed being full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit to oversee decisions within an important area of local church ministry.   Deacons serve well by following the leading of the Holy Spirit, implementing Bible truths, providing wise godly counsel, and obtaining guidance as needed from the church’s elders and accountable apostolic oversight.  Church members serve in a spirit of unity as they build up, encourage, appreciate and pray for each other, the local community, the nation, the world, and those who are leading them in their pursuit of following our Savior.