Meet our pastors

My (Bryan) entire life I have felt the call to ministry, which led to me stepping into it at the age of 18, and I haven’t look back ever since. For almost 30 years I have devoted my heart, mind and soul to the call, but it has only been in more recent years where my calling has become crystal clear.

I whole heartedly believe in continuing the supernatural ministry of Jesus. My passionate pursuit of learning to engage the supernatural personally led me to more effectively equip the saints to do the same. Consequently, we have many stories of miracles, signs, wonders and healings that I desire to add even more testimonies to!

With my academic background being in biblical interpretation, I have a passionate desire to help people understand the original message of the author and it’s context. Uncovering this understanding is critical to leading people into a mature perspective that is grounded in the Scriptures and also illuminated by experiences in the Holy Spirit. My desire is to always equip people into empowerment, ensuring they can confidently engage and overcome anything that life throws at them, by the truth they carry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

In this season, God has broadened my vision beyond individual transformation, to also include regional transformation. I am not just interested in ensuring individuals or the local church thrives, but also committed to the kingdom values and culture manifesting in homes, the city, the county, the state, and yes, even the country. My desire is to equip the saints to see themselves as truly empowered to bring about transformation in their spheres of influence.
This is what we call: "The Mission Empowered Lifestyle"! 

Our Leadership Structure

LifePoint Church is a non-denominational church and has developed it's leadership structure from the New Testament.  We have a group of elders who oversee the financial, spiritual and community health of the church.  Governmental decisions are not made based on a majority of votes, but as the elders trust the Holy Spirit to be consistent in His leading of each elder on every decision.  

Our deacons oversee decisions within their respective areas of ministry (ministries that align with their areas of gifting and expertise) as they follow biblical principles and seek godly counsel and direction from the church’s elders when needed.  Church members serve in a spirit of unity as outlined in scripture, as they lift up, encourage, appreciate, and pray for those who are leading them in the study of God’s word.