Life Point Church is a non-denominational, multi-cultural church with a passion to practice God's presence. Our vision is to restore, equip, and empower people to live in the fullness that God intends for us. 


We aim to be a place where God’s life flows out of everything we do – where growth and refreshment in the Holy Spirit occur and the body of Christ operates in love, obedience, power and the knowledge of God! This influences our efforts in the community and how we interact with people on a daily basis. When we step into the name of Jesus, we see the fullness of God invade the city and those who live in it.


When Jesus showed us how to pray, He said, 'Let Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

We want that.

We believe that every person carries intrinsic value from their Creator. In Heaven, the Father longs to know and be known by us. We want people to experience the relentless love of God and be made whole again in all areas of their life - spiritual, physical, emotional, relational wholeness. That is our purpose, that is our mission.

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