Bring Life to Dead Things

March 7, 2018

God is bringing dead things to life!  Romans 4:17 talks about it.  Ezekiel 37 records the words of God when He says about people:  “I will put My Spirit within you and you will come to life!” 


Remember, YOU are the dwelling place of the living God!  I’m certain you will see things this week in your workplace or home or neighborhood that are damaged, broken, and appear to be dying (or even dead).  You carry the presence of the One who gives life to dead things!  His life-giving Spirit is intended to flow through you to give life to situations and people in need of reviving…things that need to be made well and whole. 


But, sometimes doesn’t it seem like there’s something stopping the flow of His life and power coming through you?


There was that time in the Bible when the disciples were not able to cast out a demon.  They were confused, since they had previously been given “authority” by Jesus...over unclean spirits, to cast out demons, to heal every kind of sickness & disease.  But something was stopping the flow.


It didn’t make sense.  With “their” authority to do this very thing, and even their experiences of already doing it (probably just weeks earlier) what was the problem? 


Jesus’ answer was:  “This kind can only come out by prayer & fasting”

But it wasn’t a formula that Jesus was giving them. 


It seems the disciples had confused authority, with relationship and dependence.  It’s easy to fall into that kind of entitlement mentality where we try to take the “goods” from the Father - His authority, His power – without realizing that those only flow out of relationship and dependence on Him.  When connected to Him, there is an overflow of His goodness through us!


It’s always about dependence. 


The disciples needed this experience to realize they weren't intended to self-generate some kind of miracle!  The good works that Jesus had called them to do were still right there in front of them.  But to live out their calling and operate in authority, required an ongoing state of dependency and relationship.  


We’ve been talking about fasting and developing a “fasted” lifestyle that establishes us into this dependency on the Father.  It’s really encouraging to hear stories of how many of you are experiencing increased spiritual life and closeness with the Father!


As you continually depend & lean into Him, a flow of God’s power will occur, through you.  That’s the promise of the Bible…His goodness flowing from Him, overflowing out of you, into the people you interact with!


It’s about Him doing something through you.


Remember, fasting isn’t really about food anyway.  It’s real life recognition throughout the course of our daily activities, that we are dependent on our relationship with the Father.  Fasting is an amazing practice through which we can go through the realities of everyday living, while setting our mind on things of the Spirit, not on things of this flesh.


Fasting is an expression of longing.


When you fast from something, remember that you are putting aside the short-lived comforts of physical life, to position your heart & mind to be of the Spirit.  When you are dependent on the Father, you live from the presence of God.  Your actions and thoughts begin to reflect your awareness of His closeness to you.  That’s when spiritual life and vitality starts flowing through you!


Have an amazing week!  We will make time on Sunday for sharing of stories in which you have welcomed God’s presence this week into your daily life, and experienced the impacts He made through you!


Much love,



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