Labor to Enter God's Rest

February 14, 2018

“So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his.  Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, so that no one may fall by the same sort of disobedience…”

-Hebrews 4:9-11



A few weeks ago my son Isaiah was hanging out at our neighbor’s house with his buddy Connor (our neighbor’s son).  After a few hours Isaiah came home, and as he was looking around the house he immediately began frantically asking me if we have CPI (an in-home security system) for our house.  I thought that was a weird question, and simply told him that we do not have one.  He then began to tell me that Connor has one at his house, and it keeps their house safe! 


“Daddy, why we don’t we have one?” he continued to ask.   “We are not safe without CPI, a bad guy is going to come and get us.”  My son became so upset that he began crying uncontrollably!  Fear had gripped his little heart and was now overwhelming because he believed a lie-“we are not safe without a CPI security system”.  



So I held him as he cried to try to calm him down, and started declaring truth over him and my home.  I started claiming truth about God and us from Psalm 91 (I would encourage you to meditate on that Psalm, it’s amazing!!!).  I began declaring things like this: God our Father protects our home because we are His children, He has angels all around our house who serve and protect us, and God gave you a daddy to help protect you.  I then looked him in the eyes and said we are totally safe because we have a Heavenly Father who is our protector.  We prayed together and I was thanking God for the above truth and suddenly the crying stopped.


“So daddy, we are safe even if we don’t have CPI because we have God?”

“Absolutely Isaiah!” He then ran off and began playing, and was filled with absolute peace and joy!


Before I move on I just want to say this as a disclaimer-if you have CPI or any in home security system that doesn’t mean you don’t trust God as protector.  In fact, I think it’s a good idea to be as safe as we can and have these great things technology offers us.  However, our ultimate trust must be in our Heavenly Daddy and not in security systems for us to live in the rest from Hebrews 4, God’s rest!


So back to the story, when Isaiah was overwhelmed with fear he obviously was not living in God’s rest that is available for us.  Therefore, my son had to labor to enter God’s rest.  How do we labor to enter rest though?  In this story, we had to locate the lie Isaiah believed in his heart, and replace that lie with truth in his heart!  As the truth of God (revelation knowledge, Word of God) entered his heart (not intellect) faith erupted and he was set free and entered into God’s rest of peace and joy!  The lie “we are not safe without CPI” was replaced with the truth “we are safe because we have God protecting us”.  The bottom line is this, if you read all of Hebrews 4 you will clearly see that we enter and stay in God’s rest by faith, by believing truth in our hearts!


Application: My encouragement to each of us as we are being intentional about getting alone with our Father by His Spirit during our RFP-80 Initiative, is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what lies you are currently believing in your heart.  Ask Him what lies do I currently believe that are keeping me from living in Your Rest?  This is not to bring condemnation, but is simply a form of laboring to enter God’s rest (again see Scripture above)!  As the Holy Spirit begins to reveal lies in your heart that keep you from God’s rest (which I promise you He will because He’s real), then ask the Holy Spirit (who leads us into all truth) what is the truth He wants you to believe in place of the lie.  Then begin meditating (not just reading) Scripture that support that Truth.  And as you commune with the Spirit around that truth it will eventually enter your heart through revelation/spiritual knowledge (not intellectual knowledge), and faith will erupt from your heart!  And when you have true faith from the heart in that truth, you will be set free and enter God’s Rest!


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