Neighborhood Prayer Challenge

What if every neighborhood had an ambassador?

Jesus summed up the greatest of His commandments in Matthew 22:36-40 with a reminder to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your NEIGHBOR as yourself.

What if God was going to bring change in our city by bringing change on our neighborhoods.

What if he was going to use everyday people who are willing to represent him in their neighborhood as his ambassadors?

What if people started walking their street today, praying for God to move, listening to what he lead them to do and then they obeyed.

What if that was YOU?


Determine the streets in your neighborhood that you are going to walk for the next couple of weeks and start.

If you see a neighbor in their yard working, speak something like, "yard is looking good."


As you walk, thank God for the people in your neighborhood, ask Him to show you ways to display His love.

 If a neighbor asks you what you are doing, be prepared to say, "We are praying for God's blessing in our neighborhood."  "Is there something we can pray for you?"


Be prepared to hear from God and needs a neighbor may share.  Look for opportunities to go further than prayer.

ex. Exchange numbers with a  neighbor who is out, ask if there is anything they might need.

Christmas at Maple View


Here's the fun part, follow through on what you hear. 

ex. Write notes of encouragement, drop off supplies with a note, do yard work for an elderly family or a single mom..These are all very appropriate responses during these times. 

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