• Nathan Robinson

Truths to Renew Your Mind

1. You are making me to be a “fisherman” of people, to attract and gather people to your Kingdom.

2. I will overcome obstacles because You are with me.

3. I will live a fasted lifestyle because I live by the spirit and not according to the desires of my flesh.

4. You intend for me to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead because you said I would do the same things you did.

5. I will have ears that hear you and eyes that see what You’re doing.

6. You will be found by me because you do not remain hidden, and I choose to search after you with all my heart.

7. I enjoy this journey in life with You and your other children.

8. I am your friend, your son/daughter, and I am known by You.

9. Your arms extend toward me with love.

10. Your joy gives me strength.

11. We will become the nation of priests that You envision.

12. I have no doubts that you are my God.

13. Miracles, signs, and wonders will follow my actions and life.

14. There will be no sick among us. We touch our neighbors and they receive your empowering to walk healed, straight & tall.

15. I am salt in this community. I have a significant and intentional role in making my community savory & good because the goodness of your presence is with me.

16. I am salt in this community. Corruption and decay are held at bay because of my presence. The lawless one is hindered in bringing decay because, in partnership with your Holy Spirit, the salt of my presence exists in this town.


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