• Nathan Robinson

Thoughts on Enjoying God Part 1

Enjoying requires attention.

You have to be in the moment to enjoy something. It doesn’t happen when you’re distracted. A kiss. A sunset. A quiet moment amidst the chaos. A verse of Scripture. A song. These can be entered into and enjoyed. They can also be hurried through or missed. In order to enjoy God, my attention must be fixed on Him.

Enjoying begins by receiving.

Enjoyment is initiated by something outside of us. A flower. Time spent together. A kindness that meets a need. If I’m too busy to notice the gesture, I will never be able to enjoy it. If I see it but don’t stop to embrace it and welcome it, the ability to receive and enjoy passes away. God always takes the initiative. He is constantly speaking and giving and offering. How can I be intentional to recognize & receive God’s graces so that I can experience the response of enjoyment?

Enjoying cannot be a duty.

Because enjoyment includes pleasure and relishing, it flies in the face of required obligation. Enjoyment is not an item to be checked off but something of substance to be entered into. Duty kills desire while enjoyment grows from it. Religion brings requirements, obligations, and burdens. Personally relating to God brings life, abundant and free. If I am to enjoy God, I must resist the lure of religion and prioritize personal interaction.

Enjoying flows from affection.

There is a reason God says the most important command is to love Him. For when we love, we desire, we are personally relating, we are enjoying. Enjoyment places value on the object of its affection. It delights to interact, to spend time with. It looks forward to time and conversation, shared laughter and tears. God loves us. He shows us repeatedly in innumerable ways. His heart is for us. The more my heart is turned towards God, the more I will naturally enjoy Him.

© Adapted from Carol Johnson, Finding Rhythms Enjoying Life

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