• Nathan Robinson

Harmonious Dance...Partnership with God

The Christian life is a harmonious dance that includes what God does and what we do. Our work is in response to his work—we don’t work to get God to do anything; he has already done everything, and our effort is always what is right and fitting because of his gracious acting on our behalf.

We have a covenantal partnership with God...a “dance” between you and God, each play a role to live out the covenant. God has worked in us what we must work out.

God’s idea of a Partnership is DEEPLY PERSONAL. See Matthew 7:23 - It’s about Him knowing us! Jesus says that at some point he begins calling his followers “friends”. And then beyond that, He equips us, promising to be present with us always.

As a result, we can live from an identity that’s not cowed down, downtrodden, beaten. We confidently pursue & bring in the Kingdom of God in partnership with Him!


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