• Nathan Robinson

God’s Sovereignty

God is sovereign and supreme and has no equal. He defined the parameters of our universe. He created time with all laws of physics and chemistry that rule the physical realm. He created the spiritual realm and all of its inhabitants. God made all living creatures and designed their function. God chose to give His created beings the ability to make choices in real time, as such, these choices affect the future to some degree. In making these sovereign decisions, He chose to release and limit His control over those beings to the same level that they can make choices.

God chose to communicate His will to mankind in a way that we can understand. And He chose to allow us to decide whether or not we would agree with and walk in His will. Our free ability to choose does not contradict His sovereignty.

He gave us free will as an act of His sovereignty. And in His sovereignty, He chooses to allow us to continue to make choices, good or bad, that affect our environment and our future to some degree.

Amazingly, God also sovereignly offers us an opportunity to live with His constant presence, and share in bringing outcomes that showcase His desires. Even in this offer, we have the freedom to participate or not. The intended result of this partnership is for expressions of His goodness to literally be experienced and seen throughout this world.


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