• Nathan Robinson

Does God Notice You?

We are excited for RFP-80 to begin tomorrow! Starting Thursday February 1, we are embarking on this 80-day period aimed to develop a collective and effective Christian lifestyle that looks & works the way Jesus intended! Here are the 3 simple things we will be doing together: Rest = Finding the peace of Jesus by leaning into His goodness and favor, accepting our identity as sons/daughters of the Father, and not striving for identity or purpose.

Fast = Finding spiritual focus and effectiveness by setting aside specific worldly/physical things to diligently seek Him.

Pray = Developing a secret place habit, by consistently dedicating 30 minutes per day alone with the Father.

So, we are going to be Resting, Fasting, Praying for 80 days...RFP-80!

Why 80 days? Because this isn't a church program to do something different for a period of time, then go back to "normal". Rather, we are collectively embarking on a journey to develop a permanently deepened spiritual lifestyle. We are watching with interest to see how God will move, act and engage with us!

IT'S BASED ON RELATIONSHIP Rest, fasting, and prayers are practical actions that help your heart draw close to the Father. In these intentional activities, we express our faith that the promises and accompanying rewards of a relationship with the Father are for us! Please know what we are NOT saying: we aren’t fasting or praying to try to convince or manipulate God to do something. We already are pleasing to Him as sons and daughters! That’s why the REST component of RFP80 is so important. Remember, we are in relationship; we find rest as we draw intimately close to our Father.

BELIEVING GOD’S PROMISES ARE FOR US! Hebrews 11:6 He who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him!

There are PRELIMINARIES to God’s rewards:

you seek Him...

you pray…

you fast…

you give……

the Father rewards.

2 Chron 16:9 The eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.

Wouldn’t everybody want to live with strong support from the Creator of the universe if they knew it to be possible? Imagine what it would look like, in every situation you encounter? When opposition rises up against you…when loved ones are sick…when your journey of life crosses through a season of trials.

God’s intention is for you to confidently engage life knowing that you are literally more than a conqueror because God actively and strongly supports you!

Psalm 91:1 He who dwells in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

The shadow of the Almighty is a poetic description of the “umbrella-like covering” that protects you when the positioning of your heart is in close proximity to, under the influence of, and open to the protection of your Father in heaven.

As new creations, there are REWARDS that come along with God's presence, including His authority and power being accessible to us. Jesus described multiple times in Matt 6 how our Father sees what is done in secret, and promises a reward to those who engage Him in the secret place. What's the reward? That your Father will NOTICE and SEE you! What's promised from our strong Father when He sees a heart that is completely His? He notices. He responds.

The character of your Father in heaven is to strongly support you. You see, all this goes back to the words “your Father”. It’s all about relationship and once that’s firmly established your identity becomes really clear.

KNOWING YOUR IDENTITY IS KEY During the first couple weeks, let’s nail down this basic. We’ve talked much over the last few months about you being a child of God, but do you truly believe that to your very core? While you rest, fast, and pray this week, be aware of situations that are rooted in a true belief about who you are.

I think most obstacles that Christians struggle to overcome can be traced to forgetting their identity in God. Here are some examples:

  • A poverty mindset is rooted in a lack of belief regarding the resources we have access to as God’s children.

  • You are at the office and someone else takes credit for your work - you take it really personally. That’s rooted in an incorrect belief that who you are and/or your value is connected to your production.

  • Living as a victim to the schemes of the devil demonstrates a core unawareness of identity and the new creation strength that the Father makes available to you.

We’ll help unwrap these kinds of core issues throughout the upcoming weeks so you recognize identity-attackers. In this process, as you increasingly agree with your identity, OTHER VOICES out there will actively speak the opposite! To be practical, here are some examples of what other voices sound like when they attack a person’s identity:

  • Words that try to negate your calling

  • Deny the impact that God intends for you to have in this world as a new creation

  • Aim to bring fear

  • Criticize and speak words that diminish your current and potential effectiveness

  • Speak concerns that destroy and diminish hope!

We look forward to this collective journey and are excited for those who will be doing it with us! Remember, your Father sees what is done in secret, and promises a reward to you. The promised reward is that your Father will NOTICE you, SEE you, and STRONGLY support you!


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