We Believe ... Christ, as the head of the church, rules by the power and authority of His word; therefore, all decisions within Life Point Church are governed by what the Lord has revealed as His will in scripture.  Recognizing the role that God gives to humans, church elders oversee decisions that affect the biblical growth and spiritual health of the church, using God’s word and prayer as their guide for discernment.  Governmental decisions are not made based on a majority of votes, but as the elders trust the Holy Spirit to be consistent in His leading of each elder on every decision.  Our deacons oversee decisions within their respective areas of ministry (ministries that align with their areas of gifting and expertise) as they follow biblical principles and seek godly counsel and direction from the church’s elders when needed.  Church members serve in a spirit of unity as outlined in scripture, as they lift up, encourage, appreciate, and pray for those who are leading them in the study of God’s word.

Elder Couples

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